Name : Elizabeth Susanti Gunawan
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2009–now lecturer at Visual Communication Design Department, Faculty of Arts and Design, Maranatha Christian University, Indonesia
2006–2010 Chinese language teacher at “Fajar Taruna Harmonis Rong Hua”
Chinese Language Academic Center, Indonesia

2014-now PhD candidate at School of Journalism and Communication, Xiamen University, China
2009-2011 Master Degree GPA: 3.57
Faculty of Arts and Design, Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia
2007-2008 Bachelor Degree GPA: 3.83 (Cum Laude)
Hebei Normal University, China
2004-2007 Diploma Degree GPA: 3.92 (Cum Laude)
Maranatha Christian University, Indonesia
2007 extension course Philosophy and Culture, Philosophy Faculty
Parahyangan Catholic University, Indonesia

2010 Summer course at Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan
2005-2008 Took intensive Chinese Calligraphy courses in China
2006 Winter course in Guangxi Normal University, China (studied language and culture)
2005 Summer course in Guangzhou, China (studied language and culture)

2013 Attended a teacher training “Indonesian Language for Foreign Speakers”, from APBIPA, Bali, Indonesia
2012 Attended a teacher training “Teaching Material Training” from
Confucius Institute at Maranatha Christian University
2008 Attended a Chinese Language Teaching Training from Chinese Overseas Exchanges Association
2007 Attended a Chinese Language Teaching Training from Xiamen University and Academic of International Foreign Languages.
2007 Attended a Chinese Language Teaching Training from Fujian Overseas Exchanges Association.
2007 Attended a “Fundamental Leadership & Teamwork Training” in Maranatha Christian University

2017 Serar Rupa Journal of Design “Semiotic Analysis of Adapted Advertising Communication Between China and Western Pepsi ‘Rising’ Global Advertising”
2017 International Journal of Marketing Studies “Global Brand Identity as a Network of Localized Meanings”
2015 made a calligraphy for NESTLE Bear Brand Milk, Chinese New Year Advertising
2014 wrote a “Travel and Talk: Mandarin Travel to China” book, Kesaint Blanc Publishing
(ISBN: 978-979-593-656-5)
2013 “Art and Structuralism Philosophy of Chinese Calligraphy Abstractness out of Language Understanding” got
published in International Conference on Chinese-Indonesians Proceeding, Petra Christian University
(ISBN 978-979-99765-8-1)
2011 “Effectiveness of Chinese Letter in Restaurant’s / Café’s Sign Identity Design in Bandung” got published at
Wimba, Visual Communication Journal, Bandung Institute of Technology
2016 speaker in The 3rd International Conference Chinese-Indonesian Studies, theme: “The Development of Indonesian (Indonesian and Chinese-Indonesian)Students’ Learning Interest in China Study Case: Xiamen University” Tarumanegara University, Indonesia
2015 Chinese Calligraphy Seminar and Workshop’s speaker for Basic Typography Class in Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia
2015 speaker in “International Symposium on Cultural and Communication Semiotics” Conference, Chengdu, China
2014 Chinese Calligraphy Seminar and Workshop’s speaker in Sinovest XIII “China in Contemporary Literature” University of Indonesia, Depok
2013 speaker in International Conference Chinese-Indonesian: Their Lives and Identities, theme “Art and Philosophy Structuralism of Chinese Calligraphy Abstractness out of Language Understanding”,
2013 demonstrated Chinese Calligraphy Performance in International Seminar Chinese-Indonesian: Their Lives and Identities
2011 Speaker of “Chinese Calligraphy, Nuance and Expression in Scratches”
at Maranatha Christian University
2009 Chinese Calligraphy Seminar and Workshop’s speaker in
Singapore International School, Introducing Chinese Culture
2007 Chinese Calligraphy Seminar and Workshop’s speaker in Maranatha Christian University, Department of Foreign Language Bandung, Indonesia

2015 got a gold medal in International Chinese Calligraphy Competition “Ai Wo Zhonghua, Yuanmeng Zhongguo”, Beijing
2015 exhibited an artwork in International Design Outlook 20th Anniversary Guangxi Art University, Nanning China
2015 exhibited an artwork in “60 West Java Top Art” in commemorate 60 years Asia Africa Conference, Indonesia
2015 exhibited an artwork in “eSe-art 2015” International Exhibition, University Pendidikan Sultan Idris, Malaysia
2015 exhibited an artwork in “SAEexhibition” International Exhibition, Hajad Jagad, Maranatha Christian University, Indonesia
2015 exhibited an artwork in “Spirit of Woman” International Art Exhibition, Paramadina University, Indonesia
2014 exhibited an artwork in China Indonesian painter collaboration exhibition “Impression China” Fine Art and Design College of Hebei Normal University, China
2014 exhibited an artwork in “The Other Side of Women Educator” International Exhibition,
Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
2014 got a third prize in “Big Letter Chinese Calligraphy” Contest, Shanghai China
2013 got a gold medal in Chinese calligraphy competition “Damei Baodao”,
2013 exhibited an artwork in “Art, Women & Education” exhibition, Faculty of Arts and Design, Maranatha Christian University
2012 got superior rating in “Big Letter Chinese Calligraphy, Famous Calligrapher Exhibition” Shanghai, China
2007-2011 exhibited an artwork in “Uno Flatu 1, 2, 3, 4” Lecturer Exhibition,
Maranatha Christian University.
2010 exhibited an artwork in “Dep[ART]ure” Art Exhibition, Maranatha Christian University
2008 the calligraphy artwork was selected in the “2008 Beijing Olympics” competition and exhibited in Beijing, China
2008 got Excellent Award in “Foreign Student Skills Competition”,
Hebei Normal University, China

2014 China Town Magazine, Indonesian Chinese Community Magazine: “Elizabeth Susanti Explore the Art”
2013 wrote an article in Kompas Newspaper, “Urban Creative: Real Impact Creativity”
2013 wrote an article in Kompas Newspaper, Griya Science article “Working Women, Real Women (Small Note about Women, Art and Education)”
2013 International Daily News Newspaper “Breaking MURI Record (Indonesian World-Records Museum): Longest Chinese Calligraphy”
2013 Tribun Jabar Newspaper: “Calligraphy Community-Not Only Just Chalked the Brush”
2013 Tribun Jabar Newspaper: “Longest Calligraphy Breaking MURI Record (Indonesia World Records Museum)”, Elizabeth as the youngest calligrapher who participated in breaking MURI Record
2012 Tribun Jabar Newspaper: “Often Win in Calligraphy Competitions in China”
2009 Pikiran Rakyat Newspaper: “Consistent with Calligraphy”
2007 International Daily News Newspaper: “The Next Generation of Indonesia Chinese Calligrapher.”
2005 International Daily News Newspaper: “The Youngest Participant in Chinese Calligraphy Competition in Bandung.”

2014 Chairman of hospitality committee for Guangxi Art Institute Exhibition and Lecturer “Enchanting Chinese Culture” in Maranatha Christian University
2013-2014 Art and Cultural Short Course Program Director for International Students, Maranatha Christian University
2013 speaker in art workshop :”Tracing Education Models for Children with Special Needs (autism and down syndrome)”
2013 international office committee for foreign universities from Korea, China, Taiwan when visiting “Hajad Jagad” Event in Maranatha Christian University
2013 “Hajad Jagad” Public Lecturer Coordinator in Maranatha Christian University
2008 joined auctioneer calligraphic works to help victims of snowstorm disasters in South China in the “100 calligraphers Hebei, China Auction Work”
(Reported in Hebei Legal News, China Newspaper)